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Membership: SILVER

  • Company Name (format as big header)
  • Provider Number (not for Profile – check duplicates)
  • Business / Trading Name (appears on the Searches)
  • Phone Contact info
  • Email Contact info
  • Head Office Address
    • Street
    • Suburb
    • State
  • Regional Area of Service (Dropdown box of ALL NDIS regional areas)
  • NDIS Registration Group(s) – multiple selections possible (Dropdown box with ALL NDIS registration groups listed)

Membership: GOLD

  • NDIS registration sub groups (Dropdown list of ALL NDIS sub registration groups)
    • These only appear for the relevant NDIS registration groups that
  • Services Offered Description (free form box “tell us more about what you can deliver”)
  • Company Logo on (need upload link)
  • Direct contact person with email address / phone
  • Multisite details
    • Create additional “sites”
      • Office address
      • Regional Area of Service
      • NDIS Registration Groups / Sub Groups
    • These will appear in any “Search” for that area applies
  • Opening hours on all Site details
  • Book a time to chat (Calendar function)

Membership: PLATINUM

  • Embedded Video advert / Main Image (need upload link)
  • Marketing / About us Paragraph
  • Promotion box – attach a 1st visit discount advert / offer etc
  • Social Media Links on
  • Website Links on
  • Direct Email address
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